The fee for private clients is $125.00 for each 50 minute session. Fee payment, by cash or cheque, is due before each session begins.


Many medical plans provide coverage for clinical social work services. If you are on a plan, please get in touch with your insurance provider prior to the first session to determine if yours does.


Some key questions to ask may include:

  • Does my plan cover the services of a Registered Social Worker approved by the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers who engage in private practice?

  • How much coverage do I have each year? And is that each calendar year or each 12 month period?

  • Does my plan cover 100% of the amount or do I have to pay a portion of each visit?

  • Do I require a physician’s referral to qualify for coverage?

  • How do I submit my claim for reimbursement?

Please note: Clinical social work services may be claimed through the Medical Expense Credit (METC) on your Income Tax so please keep your receipts.


Visit www.cra.gc.ca/medical to learn more about claiming the METC.