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In both counselling and therapy, it is important for you to feel comfortable talking openly. I am committed to keeping the information you share private and confidential. This means keeping all of your personal information in a secure place. It also means not sharing your information with anyone without your written consent, except in certain circumstances where I am bound by law to share relevant information with the appropriate agencies. These circumstances are:


  • If I become concerned that you might harm yourself or someone else, or if I discover a child or elderly person is in danger of being harmed;

  • If you are less than 16 years old and you indicate that you are, or have been, abused; and/or neglected;

  • If I am ordered by subpoena to release my records or to appear in court. In these rare cases, I continue to make every effort to protect your privacy.



If you are under 19 and miss a session, your custodial parent(s) or legal guardian will be informed. Third parties who are taking responsibility for paying for a session (e.g., parents, insurance companies or others) may also be notified if appointments are kept or missed. In either of these two cases, no further information will be given without your written consent.


I do, on occasion, find it helpful to consult with colleagues and although I never share names or identifying information, it is important to me that you are aware of, and agree to, this. If you choose not to agree I will honour your wishes.

Should we happen to meet outside my office, please let me know how you wish to be acknowledged, if at all. I will make every effort to maintain the level of privacy you prefer.


To learn more about Robin's practice and policies please download the Consent & Information form below:

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